kellie Clements

Coming from a family of artists made choosing Interior Design as my college major an easy choice. I have two incredibly creative parents and although my education and experience have played a key role in the success of my career, I believe that my authentic creativity is hereditary. I was never discouraged from dabbling in the art studio at my childhood home and seeing one (or both) of my parents in paint smeared jeans was not at all unusual. For my 13th birthday my mom surprised me with a bedroom makeover that included splatter painted walls in all my favorite colors. I remember this as a defining moment in realizing my passion for design. The room made me feel electrified and comfortable all at the same time because of how well it represented who I was. I have built my career on a commitment to giving my clients a similar experience.


I finished up my Interior Design degree at The University of Central Arkansas in 2001 and was then recruited by a "boy" (now my husband) to relocate my lil’ self to Oklahoma. I came here for a "boy" but am thrilled with how Oklahoma and I have embraced one another.


I love all aspects of design especially COLOR! Over the years our team has created quite a reputation for our fearless approach to color and how fun the design experience can be. I would call my personal style warm, modern, eclectic. I love rooms that look lived in which is where the “warm” comes from. Spaces that look like they were put together over time instead of yanked from a show room are much more inviting. The “modern” part of my style is my love for clean lines and my less is more approach. You ever go in a room that has so much stuff in it you don’t know where to look? Well….I don’t do rooms like that. If you like that look I can take you there but it will be against my better judgment. My “eclectic” style is where you will see my personality. I like quirky, unique items that cause people to ask “where did you get that”. Everybody has a little of this in them and I make it my mission to bring it out.


The love I have for design goes much deeper than paint on the walls. The passion I have for the people that live inside those walls is what makes what I do so special. I hope that you will stop in often and that each time you will leave feeling electrified!